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The Second National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine, initiated by NGO "EdCamp Ukraine» ( and Education Producers P@El ( will be held on 9 and 10 April 2016 in Ukraine supported by our mentors from The EdCamp Foundation ( and an impressive list of partner organizations, including the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Ukraine, the Global Shapers Community – the initiative of the World Economic Forum, Microsoft, the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Office in Ukraine and many others. The EdCamp is included into the list of events of the Institute of Modernization of the Educational Content of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in 2016.

More than 400 participants, including school teachers from different regions, education administrators at all levels, representatives of the library and museum branches, NGOs and businessmen, students and their parents, students of pedagogical specialities, national and international experts from the UK, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, France, Switzerland and neighboring countries will gather at the Cultural center "Beith Dan" in Kharkiv.

EdCamp Ukraine is a unique platform for professional development of Ukrainian teachers. The (un)conference will be held in the new discussion format that allows participants determine on the course of its work themselves. EdCamp is based on the principles of no cost for attendees, independence and free initiative. The (un)conference is subject to the “law of two feet", which encourages participants to choose the sessions that meet their needs.

The Second National (Un)conference EdCamp Ukraine 2016 will have five thematic accents: gender and education, health at school, environmental education, community integration, English as a government priority. 11 coordinators will share their experience of hosting regional mini-EdCamps and tell us how to organize an (un)conference at your school. Teachers will also be able to improve their skills listening to the translated and adopted top-course of the authoritative MOOC platform Coursera and conducting public lessons with the help of the "Aquarium" method. A part of the program will be devoted to the work in museums to cooperate in the training process. The participants are also invited to Music Camp Kharkiv – Children's music intensive training.

Within EdCamp Ukraine 2016 we are planning to organize interactive areas, a discussion of sustainable development goals of the United Nations in the field of education and gender equality, communication in the format "Human Library", an educational quest, the presentation of the unique German-Ukrainian project "Youth and debate", an exclusive magazine EdCamp Ukraine 2016 from the publishing group "Osnova", a charity event. Also a unique program to support the development of the EdCamp movement in Ukraine – “EdCamp in a box" – will be announced at the event.

Cultural center "Beit Dan" (Kharkiv, 46, Tobols’ka St,

Official website of the EdCamp movement in Ukraine:

Web-page of EdCamp Ukraine 2016:

Registration: (open until March 7, 2016)

Official social networks:
Hashtag for participants and correspondents: : #EdCampUkraine

Contact information for partnership and media inquiries:
Oleksandr Elkin, head of the organizing committee, Ph.D.
Mob .: +38 050 302 31 32

Irina Min’kovs’ka, PR-manager
Mob.: +38 066 18 89 975

EdCamp was first held in 2010 by passionate educators from Philadelphia (USA). Today, more than 950 events in 26 countries of the world united 70,000 teachers and various stakeholders in the educational process from all corners of the globe for open exchanging of teachers' experiences, cooperation and addressing common challenges. According to surveys of The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Education EdCamp format is the 6th in the worldwide ranking of the most innovative educational organizations in 2015. Ukraine became the 9th country in the world and the 4rd in Europe, which joined this global movement.


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