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What People Say About School Champion (formerly known as the educational platform EDUkIT)

EDUkIT has become a new phase of development for the educational system of Kharkov because it has provided us with a free promising project. Even though users still don’t fully realize the importance of this phenomenon, it’s difficult to overestimate the role of a school website in the everyday life of those who are connected with it. Developers give users the most important things – prompt assistance and consultations on all essential questions.

School websites are regularly updated and present the most important information. They are also equipped with feedback facilities – a forum, a chat and a guestbook, and are invaluable for busy parents wishing to take an active part in the life of a school and keep track of the latest information, for teachers exchanging experience and materials, for class tutors communicating directly with parents as well as for school administration representing the school management.

Of course, sometimes there are errors in the control system or mistakes made by those in charge of school websites but they are corrected very quickly, which is a sign of efficient work and a guarantee of the future success of the project.

The website control system is being constantly enhanced, and the staff’s interest in the opinions, comments and suggestions of users, their close cooperation with institutions of education as well as attention to users’ individual needs help to make progress on the way of introducing information technology at schools.

Shishova I.G., teacher of Russian Language and World Literature responsible for the website of Kharkov School №93

Dear EDUkIT Project Staff,

I, Lisnyak Ludmila Anatoliivna, primary school teacher of Collegium # 11 of Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk Region, would like to thank you for cooperation and an opportunity to have a free personal website thanks to your social project EDUkIT, which is so useful to those involved in education.

When I sent you a letter with a request to create a website, frankly speaking, I didn’t hope to receive such a quick response. Because I’d spoken to other companies advertising their website creation services more than once, but none of them responded, so all my attempts had been in vain. Imagine my surprise when an hour later I got your letter with detailed answers to all my questions! I was even more impressed when you gave me plenty of free consultations on the phone about how to work with my fully functioning personal teacher’s website created just the next day.

It’s truly amazing that you offer free user support, give professional consultations about all the issues that came up during my work with the website. And I had difficulties at every step of the way because I had only started to learn to use a computer this May, and thanks to your manager Darya Ryzhkova, I quickly understood how convenient and user-friendly your multifunctional website constructor was.

Thanks to your manager Darya Ryzhkova for her professionalism, competence, detailed answers to all my questions, friendliness and consideration for such inexperienced users as I am. I am very grateful to your company for creating a social project dealing with development of websites for educational institutions and teachers – so vital for the work of a modern teacher! May your company prosper, may its work be efficient and may you have the inspiration to create new projects and win contests! You are pursuing a noble cause!

Yours sincerely and gratefully, Lisnyak Ludmila Anatoliivna, Primary school teacher of Collegium №11 of Novomoskovsk,

The school website provided by EDUkIT has a convenient constructor – this is a new technology which does not require any additional skills to create a website, which means that even an ordinary PC user can work with it.

EDUkIT is a large-scale project which proved to be important and innovative for our school. The website functions are being constantly improved. Thanks to the website, any interested student can improve his level of knowledge, get a mark, practice as well as work at his own pace with a test task placed on the website page by a teacher, and the teacher will remain a mentor. The website has communication tools for distance learning, e-mail, a forum, a chat and feedback facilities.

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of this project for our school as students can now work with learning materials, find out information about the school’s history and its future plans, whereas parents can learn about their children’s life and studies. The innovative alternative approach to education, the use of Internet technologies, the feedback option – all of that makes EDUkIT an important element of the education system of the future.

I will be happy to continue working with EDUkIT!

Nechesa S.M., Deputy School Director in Educational Work of Kharkov School №78,

The EDUkIT Project is a unique embodiment of a simple and clear idea – to give schools a chance to create their own websites, and, thus, form a network of collaboration among Ukrainian educational institutions. These websites can be freely and unrestrictedly used by teachers, students, parents, graduates and anyone interested in school life.

A user-friendly system enables you to publish informational and learning materials as well as expand the framework of extracurricular interaction between the school, the students and their teachers.

The EDUkIT team is always ready to help if questions arise, is easily accessible and approachable. I’ve had to turn to them more than once to clarify the problems I came up with when working with the website and I’ve always received a clear and helpful explanation. What’s also very important is that, in our time of market economy, when you have to pay for everything, the EDUkIT Project allows you to create websites and manage them for free.

I’m very thankful to the project team not only for the chance to participate in the project and present my educational materials, but also for pleasant and informative communication which is teaching me a lot as a user and creator of my own information resources.

I wish the team to continue developing and enriching us with new ideas and possibilities – all of that is helping to improve education in our country, and thus its well-being and future!

Solomadin Igor Merkurievich, Teacher of OCHAG Gymnasium, Kharkov,

Having its own page in the World Wide Web is not only prestigious for a school, but also convenient. A website unites graduates, students, parents and school teachers into a single chain, bringing all of them together by common interests. There are lots of Internet websites teaching you how to create your own site. Some of them contain a lot of theoretical information about HTML, CSS, scripting languages and so on written by professionals. The information on other sites is given by people who have only heard, seen or at best read about website creation.

There are three categories of school employees who have the bad luck of being made responsible for solving the problem of school website creation: the headmaster, the Computer Science teacher or a student knowledgeable about the Internet. For them, EDUkIT is like a “life buoy”.

Thanks to FREE technical and advisory support, the websites of our city’s schools are rapidly developing. The EDUkIT Platform is easy and convenient to use. These websites can be filled with content by teachers or students having only elementary computer skills. School websites can be easily found in search engines, and it’s really IMPORTANT for Internet users. School websites are not blocked if you haven’t worked with them for a long time, which is especially convenient during summer holidays.

This project enables creating an information network and gives a chance to organize distance learning for students and teachers. At the same time, this solves the problem of providing comprehensive efficient information on school activities, which allows the City Board of Education to manage education at a higher level as well as ensure an appropriate level of control over school activities.

We are grateful to EDUkIT Project team for prompt assistance in school website creation as well as for helpfulness and friendliness.

Krivoschokova Maria Ivanovna, Methodologist of Information and Communication Technologies, City Board of Education of Marganets, Dnepropetrovsk Region,

Dnipropetrovsk Comprehensive Sanatorium Boarding School №5 for Children with Diabetes has been cooperating with EDUkIT since May 2011. Our school’s staff is very grateful to EDUkIT – it opened up great opportunities for us and new prospects of development with the help of a new information portal.

EDUkIT Project group (Kharkiv) very quickly created a site for our boarding school and gave us the opportunity to use it independently and without restrictions. This website, a domain name, unlimited space for files as well as traffic are provided free of charge. We are also given competent assistance with questions that appear when we are using the site.

The EDUkIT Project helps parents to get full information about the school to which their child will go, and supports the use of the website by students, teachers, administration and users in general.

EDUkIT Project team has developed a good reputation for being polite and considerate. They are highly competent and give full efficient information concerning the questions that come up during work with their project.

We consider the project to be very important for Ukrainian young people. We wish you new creative ideas, success and new achievements in the field of information technology!

Mazina T.V., Responsible for the school website,


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